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Marissa Halderman

“The Epic of Evolution”

Recent mixed media and organics artwork from local

area artist, Marissa Halderman.

Despite the general tendency of the universe to move from order and structure to disorder and homogeneity, we find ourselves on a planet with a staggering diversity of complex life. However, deep history shows us that with increased complexity, comes vulnerability and fragility. The artworks in this show are a meditation on the natural world and our relationship to it as the systems that support life on our planet

precariously hang in the balance.

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January 10 -

extended through March 8, 2020


Friday January 10th,  6 - 9 pm

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Be Inspired!   That’s the message of the new show at Twenty-Two Gallery, which will feature selected work of Rittenhouse Square Fine Arts Association members and recent Student Award winners.  The RSFAA is proud to support the city’s ongoing artistic transformation by donating a portion of sales from the exhibit to our Outreach Partner, Portside Arts Center.  A powerful voice for creativity serving Philadelphia’s Fishtown, Port Richmond, and Kensington neighborhoods, Portside Arts Center has forged strong community ties working with young people to engender an imaginative approach to their own lives and the world, through the visual arts.   Devon Love, a Portside alumni says,“I was able to blossom not only as an artist but in my academics as well.  I was seven years old when I first walked through Portside’s doors.  At the time, I had no idea that I would later consider the Portside to be my second home." 

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