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Phyllis Anderson

High Country Variations

"I have been painting for nearly three decades, exploring process and outcome, meaning and metaphor. For the last ten years, I’ve been spending time up in the mountains of Colorado, an escape from the world, similar to the seclusion of the artist in the studio. My current series of paintings, High Country Variations, focuses on the wild places I have come to know, places seemingly far from contemporary anxieties. Yet wilderness areas have a long history of political and environmental controversy, habitat destruction and disturbingly frequent forest fires.  We are still drawn to the elemental power of mountains and the possibility to experience a regeneration of the spirit. This has long been a subject in art. The landscape tradition has embraced a range of artistic interpretations and I explore expressionist, visionary and abstract portrayals to express my own interactions and connections.

My process usually begins with an underpainting often left intentionally visible at the edges. Scribbled lines may be incised into the paint, bringing a sense of movement and energy, adding to the artwork’s history. The painting is developed further with calligraphic marks and color. The focus on painterly mark-making creates its own energy, a dance of color across the surface. It shatters the subjective image, perhaps disallowing a grandiose, sublime version of the western landscape. Instead, these pieces describe a hyper-kinetic, erratic landscape, more suited to our age of anxiety, while embracing the enduring rhythm and vibrancy of the high country."Phyllis Anderson

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