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Joanne Balaban Olen

Celestial Glass

Unique works on glass by local artist and designer, Joanne Balaban Olen.

“Extremely drawn to color as far back as I can remember. Crayons, spools of thread, paint. Experimenting with as many materials as I could, immersing myself in the artistic and design processes, I have honed these skills for decades in my professional life as an Interior Designer. When looking for creative and immersive, dynamic and thoughtful ways to cover large multi story surfaces, I developed the format for my multi-panel glass paintings. This format allows me to express color in a pure yet evocative way, translucent, and dimensional. The pieces in this show are meant to enhance your living or working space with soothing liquid color. Each individual painting consists of two panels of tempered glass, acrylic and metal paint, framed in metal.

Commissions welcome.

Let your mind wander and enjoy the ride.”

Joanne Balaban Olen

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Schedule of Events:

Friday June 8, 6 - 9 pm:  Opening reception

Sunday June 24, 1 - 4pm:   Meet the Artist

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“Swimming Toward the Light” - 4 glass 18” x 18” metal framed glass panels. Each Panel is 2 sheets of tempered glass painted with acrylic paint.