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Jessica Barber

Natural Selection

Jessica Barber takes a highly intuitive approach to her work, drawing inspiration from the contrast between organic and manmade forms. She captures the essence of her subject matter utilizing color and texture as her primary focus. She views mixed media and printmaking as the ideal way to communicate her vision, employing a combination of painterly monotypes, direct application of oil and pastels, and the addition of hand-pulled polyester plate lithography and other transfer methods.

For the last four years, Barber has had a heightened interest in the natural world, fueled by hiking throughout the Mid-Atlantic, South Florida, and American West. This interest was further enhanced through volunteering and work-related activities spent at local preserves, presenting her with more opportunities to gain awareness of the natural history and preservation of these diversified ecosystems. The exposure to and enjoyment of the pristine beauty of open space and its inherent contrast to gritty, ephemerally abandoned areas being reclaimed by the elements has fueled this “natural selection” of works.

Jessica E. Barber is a mixed media artist and printmaker originally from South Central Pennsylvania. Her intuitive approach to the creative process includes the use of monotype and lithograph printmaking, pastels, and painting. A graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she is currently a resident of Marcus Hook, PA. She is a co-founder of Art on Avenue of the States Gallery in Chester, PA and is also represented by Twenty-Two Gallery in Philadelphia. In addition to solo and group exhibitions in Greater Philadelphia, her work has been shown in New York, NY, and Miami, FL. More information can be found at

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