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“Against the Grain”

Unique exotic wood sculptures & vessels by local artist, Jason Brenner.

“From the first time that I placed a gouge to a turning piece of wood I instantly felt the connection between the tool and the wood.  I have always been drawn to wood, and I strive to work with each piece to pull out its most beautiful qualities.    I attempt to incorporate flowing design elements while allowing the structure of the wood to guide me, often utilizing burl wood that has undergone stress during the growing process and exhibits unique grain and pattern.  The process seems more about allowing the wood to exhibit its intrinsic beauty than to “create” something new.  While I may approach a chunk of wood with an idea of how I want the finished piece to look, often times the end result is significantly different than my original vision, as I allow the grain and patterns to have a voice in the final design.  It is the harmony of the wood and the design that determines the direction of each piece.  While you may find similarities between some of my pieces, each one is unique; no two pieces are identical. Each day I challenge myself to take difficult pieces of wood and produce unique turned vessels and sculptures, as well as live edged mirrors and furniture that bring art into everyday living.”

Jason Brenner

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August 10 through September 9, 2018


Friday August 10th,  6 - 9 pm

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