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Spectrum: a band of colors, produced by separation of light

according to wavelength.

In this exhibition of abstract expressionistic landscapes, the quality and texture of the paint application causes forms to happen by accident around a central field of color. I use a wide range of colors for the central field, from bright reds and yellows, to cobalt blue and dark violet.

Then I arrange the paintings in their order on the spectrum.

In general, land and space inform my work, and the paintings may invoke emotions, or states of mind. I believe the earth be seen and experienced as vivid and beautiful, and can inspire us in ways we don’t understand. Working with oil and acrylic paint provides access to new spontaneous perception, and allows me to realize a part of myself which is often inaccessible. I am often moved by experiencing actual locations, including Philadelphia and surrounding areas. My work has been influenced by my teacher, Lancaster artist, Warren Rohrer, and also by Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning.”

Jean Plough

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October 12 thru November 4, 2018


Friday October 12th,  6 - 9 pm

Phila. Open Studio Tour (POST):  Sunday, October 14, 12-6 PM

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