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HOURS: Wed. thru Sun. 12 Noon to 6 PM

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Opening Reception:

Friday, December 9th,   6 - 9 PM

Exhibition  continues  through January 8th

Marissa Halderman


Biophilia: Multimedia Artwork by Marissa Halderman

“Biologist E.O. Wilson proposes that as human beings we possess biophilia, an affinity for life, which binds us to all other living things.  According to the theory, we have an evolutionarily and biologically based need for connection with the natural world that affects our emotional, cognitive, aesthetic,

and philosophical mind-states.

In my art, I explore the concept of biophilia.  Although no longer living, my work is made from direct products, remnants, or outlines of life in the form of beeswax, dried petals, shells, tracks, and casts.  Working with natural materials and processes, I investigate the lives of organisms that are often overlooked, misunderstood, or altogether unseen.  By displaying my work, I hope to increase awareness, expose an underlying interconnectedness, and embrace the possibility of an innate attraction to the natural world.”   Marissa Halderman

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“Waxy Shelf,” 12” x 12” mixed media & organics

“Bee Balm” 24”x24” beeswax & flower petals

on wood panel