236 S. 22nd Street, Philadelphia, PA  19103


HOURS: Wed. thru Sun. 12 Noon to 6 PM

or by appointment


Opening Reception:

Friday, March 13th,   6 - 9 PM

Exhibition runs through April 4th



New abstract expressionist paintings by Philadelphia artist Jean Plough.

Reflections involve images of reality produced by contemplation and the fixing of the mind on a subject -- likenesses thrown back to the viewer on canvas or a wooden panel, in which color and paint turn back on themselves and re-direct one’s attention.   This series of abstract paintings is based on the process of “aimless wandering,” using the rules:  1) Do not have any goal   2) Do not try to make it look like anything 

3) Do not try to salvage any area  4) Do not be attached to the outcome.

I wanted to work this way after remembering meditation retreats that had strict schedules, then a day of aimless wandering, like taking a walk and not going toward something that may call my attention. I also have studied creativity and know that having rules can allow the space for creativity to happen. If the boundaries are there, you don’t have to think that much about what you’re going to do, you just do it. It’s difficult not to reject pieces based on how they look or otherwise turn out when I’m finished creating them. But I don’t. That would violate the rules (Johnson, 2015).

Each series involves 3 or 4 paintings completed during the same time period. I do the paintings on the floor and use the same colors for all painting in a series, applying each color to all pieces before moving on to the next color. “   Jean Plough

“Untitled”  acrylic on canvas; 48 x 72 in.;  by Jean Plough