Carter Leidy



It all began on a whim about 10 years ago. I was between projects

so I decided to take a drawing class at a local community Art

Center.  Then I moved on to selected offerings at the usual local

Art Institutions. And, I studied in Venice for a month under the

supervision of the Print Department of the University of Iowa. So

I've had help from many nice and talented people.  I've had several

shows and won a few awards, but after all is said and done, the

thing that most influences the outcome of my paintings is music.

Through music I get carried away and at times, looking back on

the painting, I'm not quite sure how the painting got finished. So,

when I am really satisfied with the outcome of a painting I always

stop myself and ask: who did this painting, the artist or the

composer?  That's why, as a reminder, many of my paintings have

the name of the composer who influenced me written on the back


Carter Leidy