Ada Trillo Biography


Ada Trillo is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Philadelphia. Born on the American/Mexican border, she is influenced by the rich cultural heritage of the Southwest and Mexico, traveling there frequently to inspire her artistic practice. Trillo’s work is based on imagery and symbols related to Latin culture and characterized by gold powder and gold leaf. She studied in Italy and Philadelphia, and her work has been featured in solo, two-person, and group exhibitions. Trillo is represented by Racso Fine Arts and Twenty-Two Gallery.

Ada's current work has two major emphases: (1) a social protest series in which she uses painting and photography to reflect the conditions and issues that she feels strongly affect Mexico and the third world, and (2) an abstract painting series that is ethereal and dynamic and includes mineral elements such as silver, gold and oil. 

Linked by the overall concept of “theft,” a notion that speaks to Ada at both the social and personal levels, her work attempts to communicate the efforts of individuals to process and rescue the precious elements available to them as they navigate through often insurmountable challenges. 

Ada is currently working on a photo documentary exposé of low-cost sex workers in Mexico. The series includes both a collection of photos taken in the brothels of Mexico deglamorizing prostitution and showing the dehumanizing conditions of their work, as well as an artistic depiction of each woman's spirit inspired by on-site interviews conducted with each of them.